TRI-S Launch First Prototype Developed from Small Biogas Production Device

TRI-S Launch First Prototype Developed from Small Biogas Production Device

 24 يناير 2019

The first pilot unit was supplied, installed and operated in cooperation and coordination between the TRI-S Initiative and the Local Water Corporation, Thursday January 24, 2019.

The experimental unit was installed at a farm in Mukalla after completion of the performance tests and the second developed prototype test of locally developed gas production units.

The unit has been installed and started the training of the farmer on the optimal operation. Mr. Saleh Al-Sibai, the farmer, expressed his happiness and gratitude for his access to this technology, which will help him to optimize the utilization of his resources on the farm, and will enable him to produce his own organic fertilizer with good health and environmental standards.

Mr. Al-Sibai said, “Now I have a sustainable source of energy to provide me with my own local resources without bothering to seek other unhealthy resources such as firewood and fossil fuels.”

TRI-S project team has designed a follow-up and evaluation mechanism for following-up and temporary supervision through the project’s customer service unit.

TRI-S is an initiative working to create a sustainable lifestyle of rural communities in Yemen by spreading awareness and creating efficient solutions that ensure sustainable and clean environment. TRI-S launched in 2018 by the governor of Hadramout Governorate and works with a network of partners to improve the livelihood styles and build a circular green economy that enhances the sustainable consumption and production around Yemen. TRI-S’s is to improve livelihoods, empower women, and protect the environment by enhancing green economy and creating a sustainable lifestyle in the targeted communities.