About Us

Solutions for Sustainable Society (TRI-S) is an initiative working to create a sustainable lifestyle of rural communities in Yemen by spreading awareness and creating efficient solutions that ensure sustainable and clean environment.

Hosted by Green Foundation, the initiative was launched in 2019 by the governor of Hadhramout Governorate.

Our Mission

Improve livelihoods, empower women, and protect the environment by enhancing green economy and creating a sustainable lifestyle in the targeted communities.

Our Story

Pioneers of the positive change, Turning problems and challenges into chances!

Two Years ago, our journey started in January 2017 while Omer is in his final year of Chemical Engineering Bachelor at Hahdhramout University in Yemen, the country was hitting by the worst ever recorded Cholera epidemic in the world, pollution and accumulation of tons of organic waste in the streets unplanned waste management is a major reason for that, In the same time there was – and still now- a severe shortage of energy supply.

Trying to solve the improper waste management and lack of energy using his background as an engineer he worked in a countless hours of R&D to develop an efficient small scale biodigester to turn the organic waste into clean energy with help and guidance of professors we created an efficient and durable biogas generator that was easy to install and accessible to all.

Youth Leader with UNDP

A few months later selected by UNDP among top 20 young leaders in Yemen Joining the Youth Leadership Program YLP III it was a great millstone in this program Omer is equipped by many skills to build the idea business plan and get high quality training in the creative thinking tools that helped to improve the project plan

Young Champion of the Earth!

By December 2017 a great shaft when Omer is announced by the UN as one of the UN Young champions of the Earth, This TOP UN Environmental prize was a great chance helped Omer to tie ties and gain a global network that helped us scaling up his initiative.

By this chance we get a seed funding from UN Environment and its partners for the prototype and access to high-profile mentors and customized training in communications, project planning, and financial management.

Our initial Biogas prototype developed and piloted in 2017 and 2018, this year we are planning to distribute more units and test them with local costumers & farmers, cooperating with local and international aid organizations we are planning to reach a hundreds of families through the next three years benefiting the environment and helping people transform their lives and improve their health by transitioning to clean renewable energy.

Our Team

Omer Badokhon

Omer Badokhon


The Founder and CEO of TRI-S, Winner of the top UN Environmental award Young champions of the Earth Prize, Holding a degree in Chemical Engineering and passionate about the environment and sustainable energy. Working and leading a team to improve and develop biogas small plants as a solution improving rural livelihoods with sustainable energy. worked with the Volunteers Foundation where he have fostered partnerships resulting in the Friends of the Environment Club which aims to raise community awareness promoting ideas for renewable energy and the preservation of the environment. He has over 5 years of experience and working in environmental protection, integrated development and biodiversity conservation in Yemen.
Raidan Ahmed

Raidan Ahmed

Finance & Administration Manager

Programs Officer of TRI-S. Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, trained in a group of industrial establishments, interested in management science. Specialist in the preparation and management of development projects .Awarded the best project preparation and management specialist in the second edition of Estidama capacity building program and worked in this aspect with local and foreign institutions.
Somaya Ahmed

Somaya Ahmed

Projects Manager

Somaya is holding  a Master of Business Administration in Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development and a bachelor`s degree in chemical engineering from University of Hadhramout. Worked As a coordinator of several programs and activates especially in environment development,  climate change and renewable energy in order to provide a sustainable solutions to improve the people`s  livelihood conditions   and preserving the environment and its bio system at the same time worked as consultant  for British council in Yemen and been engaging with youth and media professionals with good knowledge of NGOs and activists in Yemen . also working as a journalist for several websites and platforms such as Khuyut platform and Dhad Platform which makes her more engaged with environment issues, media professionals, peace-building activities. .
Reem Alnahdi

Reem Alnahdi

Relations & Partnerships Officer

Reem is a young woman who is passionate about development work and is active in many youth initiatives during her university studies, Reem was the relations officer in the organizing committee of the Halt Prize  competition in the university, as well as the relations coordinator of the Hadhramaut Prize coopetition, all this in addition to her specialization as an English language student, earned her good abilities in creating opportunities and establishing partnerships.
Awadh Saleh

Awadh Saleh

Logistics Officer

Logistics officer of TRI-S. Holding an engineering degree and active participant in the number of volunteer community initiatives, with a strong positive energy and a passion for working in difficult circumstances, facilitates a lot of logistics for the TRI-S team and plays a main role in overcoming the difficulties facing our projects.