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TRI-S in Development of National Small Scale Biogas Technology

 11 Mar 2018

Under the patronage and attendance of the Governor of Hadramout, Commander of the Second Military Region Major General Faraj Salmeen Al-Bahssani, a workshop was held today, Friday, March 2nd 2018 in Mukalla under the title ‘Development of National Small Scale Biogas Technology.”

The workshop aims at introducing the biogas initiative for all and the United Nations directions in the environment and climate change sector and the opportunities of Hadramout to exploit the related sources of funding.

During the workshop, which was attended by a number of directors of ministries offices, the director of Mukalla directorate, academics and media, Eng. Omer Badokhon, winner of the United Nations Youth Champions Award and CEO of TRI-S Initiative, presented his initiative in the field of biogas plants which he won the award for, a presentation on ways to improve the rural livelihoods of thousands in Yemen.

Eng. Badokhon stated that he “conducted a research on the production and purification of biogas from waste dumps to generate electricity as part of his study, and soon realized that such devices could be used at the local level,” and decided to do so himself.

He pointed out that the mechanisms he proposed as part of his initiative will contribute to the rapid decomposition of local organic waste, which increases the amount of biogas produced, and touched on his scientific efforts to develop this model.

During the workshop, Eng. Omer Badokhon announced the launching of his initiative, TRI-S, which aims to create a sustainable lifestyle for rural communities in Yemen by spreading awareness and creating effective solutions to ensure a sustainable and clean environment.

In his speech, Maj. Gen. Al-Bahssani expressed the governorate’s appreciation to Eng. Badokhon, praising his efforts in raising the name of Hadramout at the global level and his new scientific initiative in the field of biogas which will provide job opportunities for thousands of people in the governorate and the country.

Governor of Hadramout stressed the support and care of the local authority for serious ideas that will serve the governorate and will allow the qualified and serious cadres to continue their creations and offers and ideas vital to the benefit of their community and their people and their homeland.

During the workshop, Maj. Gen. Al- Bahssani, Governor of Hadramout, has set up an independent entity of qualified cadres to contribute to the success of this initiative and has the task of creating contacts with international organizations to highlight such projects for the people of Hadramout and seek funding opportunities for them.

The academics, the media, and the directors of ministries offices thanked the Governor for his interest in valuable ideas, projects and young talents.

Eng. Omer Badokhon is one of six winners of the Young Champions of the Earth prize presented by the UN Environment Program (UNEP) and materials science company, Covestro.